Art awards

Ninety students from Wauwatosa East and Wauwatosa West High Schools have been honored in the 2024 Wisconsin Region Scholastic Art Awards, with several students earning multiple distinctions.

The annual competition, which celebrates outstanding student artists statewide, features three tiers of awards: Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention. Artwork that received Gold and Silver Key recognition will be showcased at the Milwaukee Art Museum from February to April, 2024.

“We are incredibly proud of our high school students’ continued success in the arts,” said Dr. Demond Means, Superintendent of the Wauwatosa School District. "Our dedicated teachers and talented students consistently display creativity and passion, reflecting our commitment to fostering a dynamic and unique learning community. We commend their hard work and achievements, which enrich both our schools and the broader Wauwatosa community."

At Wauwatosa East High School, 50 students received awards, including seven Gold Keys, 14 Silver Keys, and 29 Honorable Mentions. The winners represent all levels of classes and studio courses and include students from each of the school's three art teachers. Lillian Buer's portfolio was chosen as one of just nine student portfolios statewide for the Gold Key award.

Meanwhile, Wauwatosa West High School had 40 students honored, with 10 Gold Keys, 14 Silver Keys, and 16 Honorable Mentions. Taylor Tatum-Pace's portfolio also earned a prestigious Gold Key award, one of only nine in the state. Additionally, Lauren Laserstein received Silver Key recognition for two portfolios, while Eve Lazarski's work received an Honorable Mention.

Gold Key winners from Wauwatosa East High School include Lillian Buer, Isabelle Erickson, Emerson Neldner, Macy Persin, Abby Seizer, and Tillie Vande Hei. Wauwatosa West's recipients include Evelyn Canavan, Lauren Laserstein, Eve Lazarski, Nico Long, and Sawyer Vespalec.

Silver Key recipients from Wauwatosa East High School include Kymora Artis, Grace Drewek, Joy Farnsworth, Lucy Kirchner, Theo Marten, Naomi Molina, Stella Ondracek, Irene Ryan, Eva Schultz, Basil Touzios, Rain Wendel, Lillian Weseloh, and Zoe Wozniak. Wauwatosa West High School's Silver Key winners include Calista Albert, Tina Aserade, Amelia Benedict, Evelyn Canavan, Caleb Hoze, Lauren Laserstein, Kinley Schmidbauer, Taylor Tatum-Pace, and Sawyer Vespalec.

Additionally, Honorable Mentions were awarded to the following students from Wauwatosa East: Isabella Bokelman, Isabelle Bye, Asiana Cassel, Sophie Erickson, Joy Farnsworth, Jonathan Herriges, Madelyn Hinners, Lucy Kirchner, Luciano Lucente, Theo Marten, Naomi Molina, Emerson Neldner, Annabelle O’Brien, Violet Pandya, Macy Persin, Jillian Roter, Maria Sapida, Eva Schultz, Merin Touzios, Rain Wendel, Jenna Wood, Sylvia Zautner.

Students from Wauwatosa West High School who received Honorable Mentions include Sophie Basaj, Natalia Byrne, Evelyn Canavan, Emma Hoyhannisyan, Mason Karras, Lauren Laserstein, Eve Lazarski, Sophia Sherry, Taylor Tatum-Pace, and Sawyer Vespalec.

All Gold Key recipients will advance to compete at the national level, with results announced later this spring. Students and teachers will be publicly recognized during Awards Day on Saturday, March 2, at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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