German Department Honors

Wauwatosa East High School's German Department is celebrating two significant accomplishments: the recognition of sophomore Emilia Ruggini as the recipient of the prestigious AATG/PAD National German Exam Scholarship, and the outstanding performance of 19 students at the annual German Day celebration held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on March 21, 2024. 

Emilia Ruggini was awarded the AATG/PAD National German Exam Scholarship scholarship for her outstanding performance on the National German Exam (NGE). This scholarship, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and the German government, offers Emilia a unique opportunity to immerse herself in German language and culture through a three-week summer study program in Germany.

"Emilia’s dedication and excellence in German studies have earned her this remarkable opportunity," said Eva Tuinstra, Wauwatosa East German Teacher, German Honor Society Advisor, and German Club Advisor. "Her commitment to mastering the language and her passion for cultural exchange have positioned her for enduring success."

To qualify for the scholarship, students must score within the 90th percentile on the NGE and meet other eligibility criteria. Ruggini underwent a rigorous application process, including submission of a letter of recommendation from Tuinstra, interviews with three college professors, and the Avant STAMP Test assessing language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Ruggini is among 37 students nationwide selected for this prestigious scholarship, marking a significant achievement for Wauwatosa East High School. Throughout the three-week program, she will attend classes at an academic high school in Germany, stay with host families, and participate in cultural excursions.

In addition to Emilia's success, Wauwatosa East’s German Department excelled at the annual German Day event. With 19 students participating, ranging from those enrolled in German 1 to Advanced Placement German, East High School showcased their enthusiasm and proficiency in various competitions. The team's outstanding efforts earned them third place out of 17 schools.

Among the highlights, full points were awarded to the following teams: Level II Charades, Level 1 Charades, Level II Pictionary, Our Meme, Singing, and both Level II poetry competitors.

"The achievements of our students, both in the academic sphere and in extracurricular activities like German Day, demonstrate their dedication to mastering the German language and embracing cultural exchange," said Tuinstra.

The German Day competitions provide students with valuable opportunities to apply their language skills in real-world scenarios while fostering a deeper appreciation for German culture.

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